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To receive a Free Evaluation with an Texas bankruptcy attorney, simply answer a few questions and submit a request using the form at the top of this page.   The evaluation will be with a local bankruptcy attorney who can help people in Amarillo, Abilene, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock, San Angelo, Wichita Falls, Tyler, Plano, Beaumont, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Midland, Waco, El Paso, or any other Texas city.

Your evaluation is completely free and with no obligation.  The attorney will review your financial situation and give you advice on how filing bankruptcy might be able to help you.   It’s very likely that you have specific questions about your situation that a bankruptcy lawyer is best suited to answer.   We’ll connect you with an attorney who is both a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney  and a  Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney so you can fully evaluation both major consumer bankruptcy options.  

An attorney can help you make sense of the different eligibility requirements, from establishing residency in Texas to guiding you through the Means Test for Chapter 7 or demonstrating regular income for Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy is based on Federal Law, but Texas bankruptcy laws determine the allowable Texas bankruptcy exemptions.  These exemptions protect many of your assets, such as automobiles, household goods, equity in real estate, personal effects, retirement accounts, and other items.  The vast majority of people who file bankruptcy in Texas do not lose any of their possessions.  Other options, including a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, are available if your assets exceed Texas’ allowable exemptions.   A bankruptcy attorney can help untangle the state's exemptions to make it easier for you to keep your real estate, automobiles, personal effects, household goods, and other items.

How to afford a bankruptcy attorney is always a legitimate concern, but the average bankruptcy attorney fee in Texas is very reasonable and the majority of Texas bankruptcy attorneys offer payment plans with as little as $100 down for the retainer.  Once retained, you should be able to refer all of your creditor calls to the attorney’s office.  

Finding a Texas bankruptcy attorney doesn't have to be a hassle. Both on- and offline tools exist to help debtors screen potential attorneys and choose one suited to their preferences. A reliable way to assess an attorney's potential is simply to have an initial phone call to discuss various bankruptcy options.  Finding a lawyer capable of making you feel comfortable and well-informed can best be done during the initial consultation process.

Call (877) 219-3151 to speak with a bankruptcy attorney in Texas and receive your free case evaluation.  

WP Solutions, Inc is a BBB Accredited Legal Information Service in Chicago, IL
WP Solutions, Inc is a BBB Accredited Legal Information Service in Chicago, IL

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